Lots of Love for Proposed 9th Ave Parklet

Image rendering by architect Jack Verdon

Per Streetsblog & The N Judah Chronicles, Inner Sunset neighbors are overwhelmingly in support of a new parklet planned for the space in front of Arizmendi Bakery.

Wouldn’t a similar parklet be a great addition to Cole Valley? How about right in front of Zazie, where large crowds often fill the sidewalk awaiting seats for brunch; or maybe outside the planned Ice Cream Bar?

Lets start the discussion with Cole Valley business owners to get them on board.


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3 responses to “Lots of Love for Proposed 9th Ave Parklet

  1. I think it’s going to be a nice addition to the neighborhood. The biggest myth perpetuated by some is that on street parking enhances a neighborhood, but in studies in SF and most North American cities, walkability and a diversity of businesses that save people time do more to make for a vital business district. (I.E. a street that has nothing but one kind of business is not going to do as well, even if it has “lots of parking” than one where people can get things done and dont’ have to navigate narrow sidewalks and busy intersections).

    Parklets don’t cost a lot to build, and if they don’t work out, you can simply apply for another permit and move them. Some might bemoan the lack of parking spaces, but no one seems to mind when someone applies to eliminate several spaces so a private residence can have a garage where previously there was none.

    In the end, what happened in the Inner Sunset was more than a parklet – because of the hard work and extensive outreach in advance, we had about 1000 people sign a petition and over 30 businesses coming together for a community project. The long lasting effects of that are the best outcome of this project!

  2. Jesse B.

    I like this idea of a parklet, but I fear it would be quickly marred by graffiti and grimy backpackers before too long. Best to keep it south of the beat path between N-Judah stops and Haight street. Somewhere inauspicious, and preferrably not in front of retailers that already occupy their front sidewalks (Zazie, Cole Hardware, Tully’s, etc.).

  3. Jesse, your fears are completely unfounded. The numerous parklets that have already been installed have had very few, if any, issues with graffiti, and some of them, like the first one in front of Mojo Cafe on Divisadero, have been there for a while now.

    Even if there are vandalism issues, part of the deal is that the business it’s placed in front of is responsible for maintaining it, so they’re required to remove any graffiti or make necessary repairs.

    The argument that providing a place for neighborhood folk to sit and mingle would bring “grimy backpackers” to the area is also just unfounded fear-mongering. You could use the same argument for any new park or public space, but if we listened to such arguments, we’d have very little of either.

    The best place for a parklet would be in the heart of Cole Valley, on Cole, between Carl & Parnassus, as that’s where most of the foot traffic/activity is. Good alternatives to Zazie might be Kezar Bar & Restaurant, Finnegan’s Wake, EOS, Crepes on Cole, La Boulange, or Alpha Market, to name a few.

    Finally, the parklet would replace a street parking space in front of a business, it wouldn’t take up any sidewalk space, so there’s no reason it couldn’t be in front of somewhere like Zazie which already has a couple tables outside. And the parklet would be usable by all neighborhood passers-by, not just patrons of the business, so it really is a community benefit.