Roller Derby This Saturday!

Be sure to check out the American Roller Skating Derby World Championship Game this Saturday (March 19th) at Kezar Pavilion, where the San Francisco Bay Bombers will be taking on the Brooklyn Red Devils. Tickets are $10 online or $20 at the door. The action starts at 8 PM.


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7 responses to “Roller Derby This Saturday!

  1. Angela Chiu

    OMGRD! Oh-my-god-roller-derby! I’m going and please let me know if you are too. Maybe dinner before?

  2. john cassidy

    The Bombers rock and are going to destroy the Brooklyn Red Devils Saturday night!

  3. On behalf of my team, the San Francisco Bay Bombers, and myself we look forward to seeing you at the Championships this Saturday night! Thanks for all your support!

  4. Good luck Jim and the rest of your team! We’re pulling for you guys!

  5. Derby Fan

    Got tickets for me and my fam. Kids are SO excited! Bombers games are good fun and goid bonding for us. GO BOMBERS! Show those Devils this is your town!

  6. Joey French

    Way to go Jimmy Fitz! Your Bombers rock! I’m bringing the whole family tomorrow night!

  7. Larry Schwartz

    I caught the Bombers last weekend on KOFY TV20! I remember watching them on the old KOFY when I was in grammar school! I got my tickets today and can’t wait to see the Bombers again!!!!!