Sugar Intervention

Are you a sugar junkie? Do you get high on Ho Hos, doped up on doughnuts, cracked out on croissants?

If you’ve been wanting to kick your sugar habit, but haven’t been quite sure how, then it might be time for you to enroll at Sugar High School (pdf).

This three-class course, presented by Integrative Nutrition Counselor & Ex-Sugar Junkie Renee Pletka, will teach you how to eat foods you love and have sweetness in your life without all the side effects and guilt.

The course will be held April 20th, April 27th & May 5th from 7:00-8:00 PM at Cole Valley Fitness (957 Cole Street @ Parnassus). Total course cost is $75 for CVF members or $90 for the general public. Stop by the gym or give them a call at 415.665.3330 to reserve your spot today.


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2 responses to “Sugar Intervention

  1. Ciaran

    And coincidentally today’s Times tells you why:

  2. Renee

    Indeed, the article is very timely and a good read. Hopefully, it will inspire many people to become more aware, mindful and in control of their sugar consumption. That’s the goal of my workshop as well.

    Yours in Health,