San Francisco Cyclery Closing

CVA reader and fellow blogger D. Madey of Ice Tubes Blog tipped us to a new banner he saw hanging outside the San Francisco Cyclery (672 Stanyan @ Haight) indicating they’ve lost their lease and will therefore have to close:

Hey, I saw that SF Cyclery (Stanyan @ Haight) lost their lease and have to move. Big huge sign on the store saying just that, and “everything must go”. IMHO, best bike shop in the neighborhood. Totally bummer.

I went to the shop today to speak with an employee and see what went down. The person I spoke to was very friendly, but didn’t want to get into much detail or have their name printed, as it’s still a sore subject/emotional issue for all involved.  What they did tell me is that the landlord was going to triple their rent, so the partners/owners decided to close up shop. They think the landlord might have done it with the explicit intention of driving them out (knowing full well they wouldn’t be able to/want to pay such exorbitant rent) so they could take over the space for their own purposes.

The building has been home to bike shops for over 100 years, with the current owners taking over in 2005. There aren’t any current plans to move the store to another location, so it appears this will be the final ride for the San Francisco Cyclery… at least for now.

Historical photo of Stanyan, just past Haight. Note the building with the "BICYCLES TO RENT" sign, current location of the SF Cyclery. Apologies for the poor camera phone capture quality and lack of date. Image courtesy San Francisco Cyclery.

Although it will be very sad to see them go, we’re lucky to still have three remaining bike shops just up the street: Avenue Cyclery at 756 Stanyan, American Cyclery at 510 Frederick, and their sister store American Cyclery Too at 858 Stanyan.

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