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Do we exist?

Not according to Curbed SF, who left our fair neighborhood out of their 2010 Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year competition.  Apparently they also have little regard for Cow Hollow, Balboa Park, Glen Park, The Excelsior, Haight-Ashbury, Visitacion Valley, Russian Hill, Polk Gulch, Hunters Point, Pacific Heights, and The Marina (among others).  I think we can all agree that The Marina should be left out, but I’m surprised neighborhoods like Cole Valley, Haight-Ashbury and Russian Hill didn’t make the cut.

It appears the initial 16 neighborhoods were largely chosen based on comments & e-mails sent in response to the 12/6/10 post announcing the Cup.

Apparently there aren’t many Curbed SF readers residing in Cole Valley, or maybe it’s been too quiet here, but isn’t the quiet bustle part of what makes our neighborhood so great?

Maybe we can get into a last minute wild card round?  Russian Hill vs. Cole Valley?


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