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Still to come…

Carl and Cole

Will be away for the holidays, but here’s some of what’s to come later this month and into the new year on Cole Valley Alley:

Grocery Store Wars (The Rebellion vs. The Empire): I’ll be speaking to local grocers (Real Foods, Frederick Street Super Market, Alpha Market, and others) about their reaction to the impending opening of the new Whole Foods at Haight & Stanyan, and what their plans are to stay competitive/afloat. ¬†We’ll also look at their histories and contributions to the community.

Stonehenge: We’ll be investigating the old circle of stones imbedded in the street at Frederick & Shrader (and other locations throughout the City). Are they the location of an ancient worshiping site, a new form of urban crop circle, or maybe just an old cable car turn around?

Bulbs!: We’ll take a look at the proposed sidewalk/N-Judah stop bulbouts on Carl at Stanyan and Cole.

Happy Solstice!


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