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Sun Sets on Ashbury Market

As reported by SF Weekly, it appears as though Ashbury Market and their neighboring wine & cheese shop have closed.

Opened in the 1950s by Walter and Jane Wong, the store remained in Wong family hands until it was sold in 1999.

A few months ago, current owner Resat Turgut launched urbanfresh.com, an online grocery delivery service bringing Ashbury Market goods right to your door. A visit to their website reveals the following message:

“We are moving into a new warehouse. Feel free to browse around our site but we can NOT process any orders at the moment. We appreciate your patience during this time.”

So was the Market suffering due to its residential location? Were they unable to compete with the new Whole Foods? Or did they simply close up shop to focus on the potentially more lucrative (and decidedly lower overhead) grocery delivery business? The above-mentioned message regarding the warehouse makes me think it’s probably the latter.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens, and with so much space now vacant (they took up nearly three storefronts), what might take their place.


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